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We welcome the opportunity to be your security provider. We have the in-depth knowledge and skills to design a security team that meets your unique needs. Whether it’s short term or long term we understand that clients have different needs for security personnel, no matter your circumstances, we pledge to provide you with the excellent service you deserve.

We can protect but not limited to
Commercial Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Condos, Restaurants, Hotels/Motels, Parties/Events, Marinas/Docks, Residential Facilities, Plazas, Banks, Schools, Construction Sites, Churches, Super Markets, Government Facilities.

Onsite Security

Are critical to protecting people and assets and are a countermeasure to deter, detect, and respond to your organizations potential security risks. There are many reasons why onsite securities are essential to protect an organizations assets from a dangerous situation and reduce property damage. They help protect businesses, schools, banks, and other relevant sites. Not only do onsite security protect property, but they also protect people.

K-9 Security

At Black Hawk Security Services our dog handlers are specially trained and qualified to handle any situation that may arise. We have a fleet of fully equipped dog units ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Our dedicated K-9 team evaluate and analyze your site and identify any potential security risks before deploying a dog team. K-9 teams can be used for multiple scenerios, from static guard permanent presence on site at all times, through to looking for an active intruder/ trespasser. K-9 handlers are often a great deterrent for unwanted trespassers and simply their presence is enough to make them leave your site without the dog and handler having to do anything.

Bike Patrols

Black Hawk Security Services offer bike patrol units as another option to patrol parking areas, schools and events etc. Our bike patrol units are specifically trained in surveillance techniques, apprehension and maneuverability. Bike patrols can go where traditional patrol vehicles can’t go like gulf carts. You can ride on sidewalks and through openings of vehicles or tight spaces and through crowds with means to get to other areas quickly, and most importantly its environmentally friendly.

Aerial Surveillance

Black Hawk Security Services offer specially equipped drones to clients that has assets in locations that is far away and difficult to monitor with a traditional security. This is particularly useful when staff security is limited within facilities such as warehouses, large plant operations or areas containing expensive inventory at a distance. Clients can also use this service to work in conjunction with the onsite security, K-9 handler or bike patrol units.

Mobile Patrol

At Black Hawk Security Services we can design a randomized route patrol tour to come on property checking issues, completing assigned tasks, and being a highly visible presence for your residents, employees, customers, and deterrent to potential threats documenting everything that occurs on your property. We also check clients properties as support to the onsite or K-9 security at no cost to our clients.

Security Consulting Services

Black Hawk Security Services specializes in security consulting services to include site assessments and developing custom security plans to help our clients to reduce threats and liability. Our team of security professionals work directly with stakeholders to develop a security program that is customized to their protection needs. Not all security companies are the same, it takes professionals that understand the level of risks that must be mitigated in order to create countermeasures. Black Hawk Security Services look at vulnerabilities in your sites physical security, video camera systems, procedures, alarm systems and visitor management systems. Understanding your weaknesses allows us to help recommend cost effective solutions for your security program.

Long and Short Term Contract

Black Hawk Security Services offer long and short term security contract services. We have highly trained professionals that abide by the highest ethical standards in the industry and go the extra mile to make sure your environment remains safe and protected. So if you need extra security for a single event or require a private security company for around the clock protection, we are here for you. No matter your need, Black Hawk Security Services is the best way to protect your assets and people.
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