Black Hawk Security Services



CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

Black Hawk Security Services is pioneering the security industry by integrating 24 hour emergency advance life support units within its security function. Through experience, we know that security officers may be alone with a patient at an emergency scene for 6 to 9 minutes before emergency services arrive. What is done in this time is critical. That is why we train officers in CPR, as well as Automated External Defibrillator (AED), when our clients have contracted with us for this service. CPR and early defibrillation (regulation of the heart’s rhythm) can make a difference between life and death. Our security personnel are trained to quickly assess medical emergencies and provide immediate life support techniques to help ensure the survival, safety, comfort and confidence of the patient.


We hire the best

Black Hawk Security Services performs comprehensive background checks on our staff members to ensure that they meet our high standards of conduct and ethics. This includes a check of social media sites and evaluation of previous employment. We check at least two personal and professional references to determine the level of performance achieved in previous jobs, especially those related to the security field. This allows our human resources department to derive a clearer picture of the work habits and personal attributes of potential additions to our security team.

Our innovative recruiting process allows us to hand-pick security team members with previous experience in law enforcement. We show preference to applicants with these type of background to ensure the most effective protection for staff and assets. We also evaluate applicants based on their professional attitude and appearance to ensure the best possible image for the company.

Our Protection Is Always There 24 Hours


Humanitarian Aid

Black Hawk Security Services isn’t just committed to providing security services, but also committed to service to humanity. The company has partnered with many non-profit organizations throughout New Providence that assist various communities by operating feeding centers, food banks, orphanages, shelters for homeless persons and drug rehabilitation programs. As a company our call to service is in alignment with the mission of those non-profit organizations. As a result of that a percentage of our earnings is donated to help in this honorable cause. There are always strength in numbers, as the company grow with clientele the greater the impact our contributions will be. We are all partners in this fight.